About Us

Corporate Overview

Continuing the mission that began in 1986 with Data Design Systems, Inc., and through its years as Emperex, PrimeCode Services Inc. is a newly formed company dedicated to supporting the RMS®, PrimeCode® and the HPE NonStop™ user communities. Comprised entirely of former Emperex employees each with over 20 years at the former company, the PSI team is uniquely and exclusively qualified to provide support services and maintain the PrimeCode® and RMS® codebase to keep current with the HPE NonStop™ platform.

Headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area, PrimeCode Services Inc. will continue to market and support its products internationally both directly and through select distributors in certain countries.

What We Do

PrimeCode Services Inc. is an international software products company specializing in Software Configuration Management (SCM) solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), NonStop™ (formerly known as Tandem NonStop™) systems. Our comprehensive SCM solutions called PrimeCode® and RMS® ensure the reliability, integrity and reproducibility of applications, and assist with audit compliance.

Over the last 25 years, PrimeCode Services Inc. (PSI) team members had established an excellent reputation for providing these SCM solutions to HPE NonStop™ users in financial services, telecommunications and retail while at Emperex and Data Design Systems. PSI is leveraging this skill set, and will continue to design, maintain, and support robust and efficient software products current with HPE’s technical direction for the NonStop™ platform.

The PSI’s expert staff provides product support, training, consulting, and implementation services.

Mission Statement

To create and support software development lifecycle management solutions to robustly secure enterprise software assets that maximize uninterrupted business operations.